A Saturday night, my spouse is out (helping one of our young adult kids). I’m listening to an old Art Bell broadcast dealing with the Death Penalty. It’s of interest to me, not just because of the topic, but thinking to some hints in chats with my kids of just how much existential threats and the like they have to deal with. It brings me back to thinking about the ’90s’, a time of goofy, non-historic weirdness. I mean there were bad things of course, but not of the ‘caliber’ that the 21st century has brought us.

If I were a better writer, or a writer with more time, or both, then I think there is something there, linking 1990s and todays crap and the Death Penalty and, though I didn’t address it earlier, Peggy Noonan and abortion. I still feel so small on many things in life.

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