Other Cultures

Wondering if the focus that we have on other peoples sometimes has less to do with miss-seeing them than it does having to do with thinking about it as another possibility that we missed. If only I ..


Autumn…go away

Writing of any kind is always biased toward the kind of mood that produces it. Kind of a tautology. So my 1st ‘sincere’ post here, had a brief thought triggered by weather and a reflective mood. That’s my immediate temptation here as well. It’s the first of September but I want Summer to stay but I’m confronted with Autumn. My thoughts turn to so many Fall-ridden books. It almost makes me cry. Is it because sincerity is so intimately linked with tinctures of sadness? I wonder if the obvious fact that it is easier to critique than to contribute is related to this.


A wet, rainy blog

One of my favorite books was a translation of a Japanese book, “Wind in the Rain”. It was ‘about’ poetry, haiku specifically. It was just very prettily written and gave a kind of voyeuristic idea of beauty in a skill that I don’t have myself. Rainy, cold late Mays in the Midwest remind me of that book.